About 5 years ago while staring at my edit suite watching playback for the hundredth time that day, I had an idea to see if I could create images inside a waveform monitor. Three years later I figured out how to do it and shot this little film as an experiment. Now I'm finally releasing it online


This/Next/Last Time - Online Premiere

It's taken two long years, but it's finally time.

Check out this short film from Christopher M Hernandez and myself, and look for some blogs in the coming soon where I'll break down the good, bad and painful lessons I learned during the long history of this short production.

If you enjoy it, head over to the Vimeo page and leave a comment or leave one in the comments below. 

A big thank you to everyone involved with the project!


A Radical Renovation

Earlier this year, through my work at Gamut Productions, I was lucky enough to be the editor of an hour-long documentary special covering a fantastic project called "Herowork Presents: The Mustard Seed - Radical Renovation", a $500,000 renovation of a local food bank and street church, done entirely by volunteers on a budget of only $250.

With an air-date only 14 days after the event, it was an extremely tight delivery. Working nearly 150 hours in those two weeks, and with the immeasurable assistance of Bryan Skinner, we were able to successfully complete and deliver the show to CHEK Television where it was met with great success. It even was given an encore airing later the same week due to demand from the community.

Below is a six-minute highlight reel of the documentary. Please check it out and head over to HeroWork to keep updated with their great work.