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Editing Tip: Narrative Multicam in FCPX

A few days ago I came across this great post on PremiumBeat about using the Multicam feature in Final Cut Pro X to optimize your workflow for narrative work. Check out the video below and then I'll add a few thoughts.

FCPX multicam isn't just for concerts and live events. In this video tutorial we show you how to use multicam to better organize and edit your narrative projects. Need music for your video editing projects? Give us a listen: Got questions about the tutorial? Give Ben a shout on Twitter:

This is not only great for single angle shots, but for multiple angles as well. More importantly, and something that isn't touched on in the video, is this is a great way to simplify colour-grading of a scene when using multiple takes.

If you've used FCPX before, you know that any colour grades (or any video effects) you make in the multicam timeline changes the every instance of the clip in the project timeline. Well, by using this technique you can quickly and easily apply a primary grade to every take in the multicam timeline, and then do your secondary corrections in the project timeline.

Big shoutout to @BenConsoli and PremiumBeat for a great tip.